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Bamboo Wheat Straw Pens

Take your marketing campaign to the next level with our bamboo wheat straw pens, the recycled writing instruments that can be customized to include your logo. 

Customized Recycled Pens

Ready Stock


Delivered in 4 to 5 days!

Customized Bamboo Wheat Straw Pens

Be sure to check out these unique recycled pens.

Supplied in 2 eye grabbing colors, white and green, and designed with a click pen feature along with a  unique barrel that is produced with a combination of bamboo, wheat and straw, we have created unique recycled writing instruments, that can be branded with your logo. 

Promotional Bamboo Wheat Straw Pens

Bamboo Wheat Straw Pens

Bamboo Wheat Straw Pen Features

Bamboo Wheat Straw Pens

Multiple Color Options

Screen Printed Logo

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