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Customized 2023 Calendars

Tellurian Book Production, the largest printing press in Dubai, UAE, is able to print a large range of 2023 calendars including, desk calendarswall calendars and desk planners in its 30,000 square feet printing press, that can be customized to include your logo branding, as well as your company pictures. 

2023 Calendar Printing Services

Tellurian offers both traditional and unique 2023 calendars that can be customized extensively.  

2023 Desk Calendars

Be sure to leave a long lasting positive impression of your brand by surprising your clients with a customized 2023 spiral tent or desk calendars custom printed with photos of your product and service offerings! 

2023 Desk Planners

2023 monthly desk planners have become an essential tool in the business world. Executives always have to write or scribble something on a monthly desk planner in order to remember it.

2023 Wall Calendars

Monthly wall calendars are a great advertising gifts to advertise your business. Branded with your logo and hanging in your clients office wall, they are a constant reminder of your brand.

Sloppy Pads

As a unique corporate gift item, the sloppy pad provides marketers with a rare opportunity to promote their business and at the same time, create a buzz around their brand!

Magnetic Calendars

Meet our 2023 magnetic calendars, the latest addition to Tellurian Book Production's expanding calendar collection. These unique 12 month fridge magnetic 2023 calendars are supplied in various sizes, shapes and can be designed to match your brand personality.

Magic Calendars

Introduce your business, your products, your services to the local and international markets with our unique magic concept gift items. These interactive corporate gifts take on various shapes, depending on how the clients interact with them.

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