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Customized 2024 Calendars

At Tellurian Book Production, we put your ideas to work with our high-quality 2024 calendar printing services. Whether you need custom desk calendars, wall calendars, or desk planners, our team of experienced printing professionals can produce your custom designs with ease and precision. Our state-of-the-art printing press has the capacity to print up to 30,000 square feet, allowing us to produce large-scale orders quickly and cost-effectively. Let us make your calendar printing dreams come true!

Make Your Mark on the Year: Get Custom-Printed Calendars From 2024 Calendar Printing Services

Our 2024 Calendar Printing Services offer custom printed calendars tailored to your exact specifications. We can print calendars with your own designs, photos, and logos to create a unique and eye-catching product. Our calendars are printed on high-quality paper to ensure a long-lasting and professional finish.

2024 Desk Calendars

Our 2024 Desk Calendars offer a unique and stylish way to brand your business. Our custom printed calendars feature beautiful and vibrant images of your products and services, guaranteed to leave an impressive and memorable impression on customers. Customize your calendars to reflect your brand identity and promote your business in an eye-catching way

2024 Desk Planners

We specialize in producing monthly 2024 desk planners with personalized designs. Our planners are made of high quality materials ensuring that they last for as long as the year 2024. With our spacious monthly planners, executives can easily keep track of their daily tasks and events. Get in touch with us today and get your personalized desk planners for 2024

2024 Wall Calendars

Welcome to Tellurian, the premier provider of wall calendar printing in Dubai, UAE! Our high-quality calendars come in a variety of sizes and designs that can be customized with your logo or branding – perfect for a distinct advertising gift that will keep your business in sight of your clients all year round.

Sloppy Pads

Our Sloppy Pads are perfect for creating an impression that's sure to get noticed! They come in vibrant colors, featuring custom logos, slogans, and messages, to make sure your brand stands out. Whether you're looking for a corporate gift item or an effective marketing tool, the Sloppy Pad is the perfect choice for getting your message across.

Magnetic Calendars

Our magnetic calendars are an eye-catching way to stay organised at home or in the office, while providing an excellent year-long promotional opportunity for your business. With Tellurian Book Production, you’ll be able to create a calendar that stands out from all the rest and makes a statement about your brand.

Magic Calendars

Let Magic Calendars take your business to another level with our one-of-a-kind interactive promotional items. Our unique products and services offer both local and international customers the perfect gift solution. Our items come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be manipulated and customized to meet the needs of any event. Give your customers an unforgettable experience with the magic of Magic Calendars.

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