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2024 Desk Calendars

Tellurian is the perfect choice to create eye catching customized 2024 spiral tent and desk calendars that perfectly complement your brand, and make sure that you start your year off right. First impressions matter and with Tellurian’s unique spiral tent and desk calendars, you’ll be sure to make a statement

Image by Manasvita S

Spread Your Brand Message with Tellurian's Customized 2024 Spiral Tent & Desk Calendars

Our Customized 2024 Spiral Tent & Desk Calendars are the perfect way to showcase your brand and stay organized in the new year. These calendars feature 13 pages with a spiral binding to keep your pages securely together. Choose from either a PU or printed base depending on your preference and customize the design to fit your brand. Product or company profile pictures can also be added to show off your unique design.


13 Pages

170 gsm Glossy Paper

Main Desk Calendar Features

Printed in 4 Colours

Spiral Binding

Printed or PVC Base

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