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2024 Diaries, Agendas & Planners

Being the largest manufacturer of 2024 diaries, agendas and planners, we offer businesses with a wide range of diary designs to choose from, with varying prices and sizes, colors and formats to match all tastes!

2024 Diary Collection

Tellurian Book Production, based in Dubai, has become the leading designer and manufacturer of customized 2024 diaries, agendas and planners in the Gulf and Middle East region. Our impressive range of 2024 agendas inner page designs have become the pinnacle of our success.

Unlike other 2024 diary manufacturers, we offer our clients at least 10 different diary and agenda designs, in 5 distinct sizes, in 2 differing formats, daily (day to a page) and weekly (week to a view). 

Customized extensively, they can include your logo on the cover, additional inserts to showcase your products and services and so much more...

2024 Pika Diaries

Smooth in its semi-daily layout that is printed on white paper, plain in it's rexine or vinyl cover design, uncomplicated with its end paper maps and simple in its customization, the Pika Rexine PVC diaries are great corporate gift items.

Books On Shelf

2024 Orca Diaries

Create a marketing ripple effect with the Orca diary collection, the greatest advertising gift item on the UAE market! With every branded A5 rexine diary you distribute you increase your brand recognition. 


2024 Margay Diaries

Customer loyalty must be rewarded with a business gift item as the Margay diary. A 2024 A5 diary, with elegant gold or silver metal corners that can be branded with your company logo so that your client remembers you.

Stack of Books

2024 Inca Diaries

If you are into wholesale or retail, the Inca collection is the diary for you! With both daily and weekly inner page designs, various cover colors, ample amount of general information and 16 pages of colors world maps, the Inca retail diary will quickly fly off your retail shelves!

Image by NeONBRAND

2024 Guar Diaries

Thinner and lighter, than any corporate diary on the market, the Guar semi daily diary is a superb giveaway gift item, where businesses have the ability to add advertising inserts at the beginning or end to promote their products or introduce their company....

Colorful Book Spines

2024 Lynx Diaries

The Lynx diary collection, redefines what is a business diary! With 464 pages of diary content and a considerable amount of information such as conversion tables, international dialing codes, world time, and a list of world hotels, all readily available to you at the flip of a page!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

2024 Vibra Diaries

By overprinting your logo every single page, inserting advertising inserts at various locations in the diary, and choosing a custom cover design and customizing it with edge stitching, an epoxy logo... you will only need a customized gift item such as the Vibra diary to take your brand to the next level!


2024 Hijriya Diaries

The H. Schmidt English diary collection, is the UAE's first English only diary! It is printed in a vibrant combination of grey and red and is available in both a daily and weekly format with 400 pages or 176 pages respectively with 32 pages of international information. 


2024 Tellurian Diaries

The Tellurian executive diary is the perfect VIP gift item, with an upscale and classic inner page design that is printed in black and gold on premium cream page, along with vintage world maps, this gift item will surely be remembered, especially if your logo is foiled or hot stamped on the PU leather cover.

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