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Event Accessories

Event Accessories

Tellurian Book Production offers the perfect solution for customizing all your event accessories and gifts. They provide a vast array of products, ranging from customized lanyards, reel badges, plastic and PVC card holders, ID cards, button badges, metal pins, and branded bags to ensure your event is a success. Contact them today to make your next event a unique and memorable experience.

Personalized Event Accessories & Custom Merchandise Gifts - Let Us Help Make Your Event Memorable

Our Customized Event Accessories & Merchandise Gifts are the perfect way to add a special touch to your event. We offer a wide range of products to make your event stand out, including printed lanyards, retractable badges reels, plastic and PVC plastic ID card holders, UV printed ID card holders, button badges, and customized metal pins. Our products make great giveaways and will help make your event even more unforgettable. Order now and make your event stand out

Customized Tyvek Wristbands
Customized Lanyards
Badge Reels

Tyvek Wristbands

Our custom printed Tyvek Wristbands are the perfect way to add a unique touch to any event. Durable, waterproof, and designed with an adhesive closure for superior comfort, these wristbands will help promote and identify your live concerts. Best of all, they are affordable and can be personalized with your own logo, image, or text. Get your unique and stylish Tyvek paper wristbands from us today


We offer the perfect solution for your promotional events with our custom lanyards. Our lanyards are available in various styles and materials such as woven polyester, nylon and tubular polyester, and they can be printed with your logo to give your promotional events the perfect finishing touch. With our clipped plastic reel badges, we make sure you look your best even in the toughest of situations.

Badge Reels

Our reel badges are great for anyone in need of an economical, yet quality, way to present their ID. Produced from plastic with a large flat surface area, our retracable badges reels can be customized to include your epoxy printed dome logo in full color, making them unique and eye-catching. Perfect for events, meetings, conferences and more

ID Card Holders
UV Printed ID Cards
Customized Button Badges and Pins

ID Card Holders

Look no further than ID Card Holderd for all of your lanyard and ID card holder needs! We offer tubular polyester lanyards printed with your custom logo and pre-filled ID card holders with printed plastic ID cards for quick and easy ordering. Get your business noticed today

UV Printed ID Cards

Tellurian is the go-to print shop for all your UV printed ID cards needs. Whether you're looking to secure your next event, exhibition, or trade show, our UV printed ID cards will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that only valid participants are in attendance. Make sure your next event runs smoothly by ordering UV printed ID cards from Tellurian today.

Button Badges

Look no further than our branded button badges for a unique and memorable way to promote your brand. Our customized round metal button badges allow you to print personalized names or your own brand logo, making them perfect for use in giveaways, schools functions and children events. With our top quality product and friendly customer service, you can be sure that your branded button badges will be a huge success

Customized Cotton Bags
Customized Non Woven Bags

Cotton Bags

Reinforce your branding with these high-quality customized cotton bags from . Our bags are made from 100% organic cotton, making them comfortable to wear, durable, and stylish. Each bag comes with the option to print your brand logo in full color, giving your customers the perfect way to show their support and promote your business. And to make it even better, fill your bag with other branded recycled gifts such as our wooden pencils, wooden USB's, recycled notebooks, recycled notepads, and more.

Non Woven Bags

Our branded non-woven bags are the perfect way to promote your brand and make a lasting impression. Supplied in a variety of colors and color panels, our non-woven bags are tear and liquid resistant allowing you to showcase your branding on high-quality materials. Perfect for promotional gifts such as diaries, notebooks and more, make sure your branding stands out with our non-woven bags.

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