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Xoopar Wireless Charging Dock

Wireless, fast charging, ergonomic design, and compatible with Qi enabled phones, and branded with your logo, are just a few words to describe our Xoopar Geo dock power banks.

​Xoopar Wireless Charging Dock

Ready Stock


Delivered in 4 to 5 days!

Customized Wireless Charging Docks

Charge up your Qi charging phone on our modern looking Xoopar wireless charging docks, that are designed with soft touch black surface, along with a light up geometric pattern, and equipped with a fast charging capacity.


Personalized to include your logo, these LED wireless charging docks, are the ideal customized desk accessories, that will light up any desk!

Promotional Charging Docks

Customized Wireless Charging Docks

Charging Docks Features


LED Light

Screen Printed Logo

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