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Golden Mugs

​Impress your customers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and in Bahrain with our personalized gold ceramic mugs, branded with you company logo. These ceramic coffee mugs can be supplied in personalized individual packaging to create a greater marketing impact!

Golden Mugs

Ready Stock


Delivered in 4 to 5 days!

Customized Gold Mugs

Our ceramic mugs coated in a shiny gold smooth texture are designed to impress your clients in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain, especially if these coffee mugs are customized to include your business logo, and placed in a personalized individual packaging box. Be sure to contact Tellurian Book Production in Dubai, to order your customized gold ceramic mugs today!

Promotional Gold Mugs

Customized Mug Printing

Gold Mug Features

325 ml

Shiny Gold Color

Screen Printed Logo

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