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Guar Business Gift Sets

Check out our custom-made Business Gift Sets! Perfect for showing your appreciation to any executive, these gift sets are filled with pocket/slim diaries, daily agenda, a notepad and an optional desk planner to help keep them productive and organized. Give the perfect impression with these exclusive sets

Corporate Gift Sets

Unique Custom Business Gift Sets to Make a Lasting Impression

This branded business gift set is perfect for any professional looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The customised business gift set is perfect for any event or occasion big or small, whether it's for a conference, seminar, product launch or corporate event. The gift set also includes branding to make it truly unique and personalised.

The business gift set is made from high-quality materials and is sure to make a lasting impression. The branding is done with precision using a variety of techniques to ensure the highest level of detail. Each set is carefully crafted and packaged to ensure the items arrive in perfect condition.

This branded business gift set
fitted with three business gift items, a mini-executive (B5) daily diary, a slim or pocket weekly diary and a sloppy  pad, all of whom can be branded extensively; is the perfect way to show someone you care and make a lasting impression. Give the gift of quality and make sure it stands out with this unique and customised business gift set.

Guar Daily Diaries

Guar Weekly Diaries

320 Pages

70 gsm Cream Paper

128 or 144 Pages

90 gsm Cream Paper

Main Diary Features

Printed in Grey & Burgundy

English & Arabic Language

Weekend: Friday/Saturday

Other Diary Features

Ribbon Marker

Ramadan Highlighted

12 Month Planner

16 Pages World Maps


2024 Guar Diary Sizes

Diary Customization Corner

Showcase your brand's true colors, by choosing an eye catching cover design with a wide variety of color combinations; customizing it by stamping your corporate logo, by adding advertising inserts sheets to showcase your products and services...

Customization Options

Make your diary memorable 365 days a year, while maintaining your brand identity. Customize it, by adding advertising inserts, your logo and watermark on every page and much more...

Diary Cover Designs

Always judge a diary by its cover! 

Pick from several stunning cover designs to make a great first impression to captivate your client’s eye and entice him to use your 2024 branded diary.

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