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Hospitality Supplies

Tellurian is specialized in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of hospitality items for hotels and restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, including, bill holder, menus, coasters, tissue boxes...

Supplying high quality restaurant and hotel supplies handcrafted to perfection.

Do you have a restaurant, a cafe, or a hotel opening up soon?

Then, our hospitality items are definetly for you! Tellurian Book Production based in Dubai, UAE is the leading manufacturer and supplier of  menus folders, bill holders, coasters, bottle holders, tissue boxes, ring binders and folders, all of whom can be branded with your logo. 

Leather Menus

With our leather menu holders your customers can order, and eat in style! Available in a variety of sizes, colors, textures and with two menu holding options, using satin ribbons or metal screws these menu holders will surely suit all tastes!

Leather Bill Holders

Compact in their size, elegant in their finishing, long lasting in their quality, and eye catching with your logo, our leather bill holders are perfect for restaurants and hotels.


Manufactured with the best materials on the market, our leather beverage coasters, either printed or bonded with PU leather can be die cut in any shape required, whether rounded, squared or stamped, and branded with your logo.

Leather Tissue Boxes

What if with every AAAAH....CHOO!!!, your customer reaches for a tissue and remembers you? Wouldn't that be WAY COOL? Order your customized leather tissue boxes from Tellurian today!

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