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2023 Multilingual Diaries & Agendas

Did you know that Tellurian Book Production 2023 International Diaries are fluent in a variety of languages including, French, Portuguese, English, Arabic, Russian, Italian...

Did you know that our diaries are fluent in multiple languages?

Available in a wide range of sizes (from Pocket to A4), in a differing formats, (Semi-daily, Daily and Weekly), and with striking cover design options, they have become the most exported corporate diaries from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Congo, Eritrea, Turkey, and Russia.

2023 English Diaries

If you are looking for 2023 English diaries for the UK, USA or Canadian markets, our H. Schmidt collection are the perfect diaries .

2023 Arabic Diaries

Did you know that Tellurian Book Production has been designing, printing and exporting high quality 2023 Arabic diaries to most of the Arabic speaking countries.

2023 French Diaries

Based in Dubai, Tellurian manufactures a wide range 2023 french diaries for companies based in France, Africa and French-speaking countries.

2023 Italian Diaries

Who says Italian diaries are only produced in Italy? Ironically, our 2023 diaries are fluent in the Italian language. Designed and printed in 2 colors, and customized to include your logo on every page and on the cover, these diaries have proven to be very popular.

2023 Russian Diaries

Are you looking to exports 2023 Russian diaries to Russia from Dubai, UAE? Tellurian Book Production can help you manufacture and print your 2022 Russian diaries in wide range of sizes and formats in a cost effective manner.

2023 Ethiopian Diaries

Since the year 2000, Tellurian Book Production has been supplying the African market including Ethiopia with a wide range of customized English diaries.

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