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Customized Magic Calendars

Our 2023 magic calendars have proven to be very popular calendars in the United Arab Emirates; especially if they are customized to match your brand personality and your brand colours.


It's a cube, it's a diamond, it's a card. No, it's magic calendar!

Introduce your business, your products, your services to the local and international markets with our unique magic concept gift items. These interactive corporate gifts take on various shapes, depending on how the clients interact with them; for example, our magic diamonds, can transform themselves from a promotional cube to a diamond shape, with a just a few twists. Our other magic items can turn themselves into a can, or a triangle, or a house, a disk or even a pill; all of whom can be customized to include 2023 calendars, pictures of your products or services, as well as your brand message!

Customized Magic Calendars


Main Magic Calendar Features

Various Shapes

Interactive Gift

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