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Customized Notepads Printing

Working from a 30,000 square printing press, in Dubai, UAE, that is filled with all sorts of printing an book binding machinery, Tellurian Book Production, is fully equipped in printing customized notepads in various sizes, with differing binding options. Contact us to find out more...

Customized notepads, your way!

The Tellurian printing press in Dubai, UAE is specialized in printing custom notepads with your company logo overprinted on every page. Customized to your specifications, these notepads can be supplied in over 12+ colors and textures, and in a wide variety of sizes; they can be as small enough to fit in your client's hands, or large enough to fit in a business briefcase.


Branded with your logo, or personalized to include your client's name initials on the cover, these custom printed gifts, have proven to be time and time again, as powerful and cost effective advertising gift items.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Classic Notepads

Classic, yet stylish, our classic notepads can be customized to be simple gifts, as having your logo on the cover, or slightly more sophisticated gifts that include your custom printed design on each page.


Elastic Notepads

Scribble your notes on our customized elastic notepads, that are designed to include elastic closures and pen loops, that are large enough to accommodate any promotional plastic pens.


Spiral Notepads

Mass advertise your business with our customized spiral notepads, that are supplied with 64 cream or white pages, in various layouts, along with spiral PU leather or printed soft cover.

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