Charge up your marketing power across the United Arab Emirates with customized wireless chargers and wireless power banks, supplied in a wide range of charging capacities including 2600, 6,000, 20000 mAh... and branded with your company logo that are small enough to fit in your pocket or large enough to to fit in your bag. Be sure to contact us to check out some samples.

By combining a customized keychains with 1,800 mAh power banks, we have created a compact, elegant and functional gift item to giveaway at any function or event in UAE!

Power Bank Selfie Sticks

Our selfie sticks designed with built-in power banks are the must have travel gifts to distribute to your clients before their next leisure or business trip!

Power Bank Scales

Our Power scales combine LED flashlights, digital luggage scales and built-in 2,600 mAh power banks that provide users with multi-functional technology giveaway gift items.

Bamboo Power Banks

Our  NEW  bamboo power banks are the latest addition to our fast growing recycled gift collection, that a can be customized to include with your logo.

Wapo Credit Card 

Power Banks

Keep a power bank in your pocket to have it on hand in case of emergency; while at the same time using it as a business card or RFID credit  card holder.

Color Changing Power Banks

Their names say it all, these unique power banks change color from green, to blue to red as their battery depletes over use. 

Vault Power Banks

Simple, portable and small enough to fit in your pocket, our Vault power banks will provide your with an ample 2,600 mAh to recharge your smartphone on the go!

Camper Power Banks

With huge a 20,000 mAh capacity, our camper power banks are the ideal travel gifts items you will need to make sure you never ran our of battery or power during your many travels and vacations.

Flare Power Banks

Our flare power banks are equipped with a wireless charger and charging slots to enable you to charge 2 devices at the same time.

Inferno Power Banks

Charge your phone wirelessly with our stylish, 8,000 mAh Inferno power bank branded with your company logo.

Dynamic Power Banks

Enjoy the rest of your day or outing or camping, without worrying about your smartphone battery with our powerful 10,000  mAh Dynamic wireless power bank!

Suction Power Banks

With  a 2,400 mAh capacity our suction power banks will allow you to power up your phone with ease.

Car Chargers

Over charge your marketing plan with our customized car chargers, designed to charge any smartphone (IPhone, Samsung...) quickly and efficiently.

USB Car Chargers

Add your epoxy domed logo on our USB car chargers to help better promote you car brand in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and across the UAE!

Wireless Car Chargers

Our 10W wireless car chargers charges your smartphones 1.15 times faster than any other regular wireless car chargers in the UAE!

Sorrento Wireless Chargers

Our Sorrento wireless chargers are designed with color changing moodlight capability along with collapsible silicone design that allow users to position their phones in different viewing angles. 

Ocotal Wireless Chargers

Our Octal provide users with dual functionality, doubling as an alarm clock and a wireless charger for your phone. These are the perfect home gifts to surprise your clients.

Pinsk Wireless Powerbanks

Light up your logo with our Pinsk wireless 2,200 mAh power banks, designed to include two USB ports on the charging base, along with a docking station for your smartphone.

Hobro Power Banks

Maximize your brand exposure in the Emirates with our 10,000 mAh Hobro power banks, that are designed with light up function to illuminate your logo while in use.

Sunflower Solar Powerbanks

Made from eco-friendly materials, with a built-in 2,500 mAh lithium battery, our sunflower power banks recharge your smartphones, MP3 players and other electronic devices using solar panels.

Notos Solar Chargers

Instantly start charging your phone by just placing your phone on our Apollo wireless chargers, that can be customized to include your printed logo!

Comet Wireless Chargers

Use our comet wireless desk chargers to watch your favorite Netflix movies or YouTube videos while at the same time charging your smartphone.

Orbit Wireless Chargers

Use these promotional Orbit wireless chargers to watch your favorite movies and videos with comfort with adjustable lifting rods while at the same time making sure the phone heats dissipates using it's built-in heating vents. 

Apollo Wireless Chargers

Instantly start charging your phone by just placing your phone on our Apollo wireless chargers, that can be customized to include your printed logo!

Power Bank Travel Wallets

Our travel wallets designed with built-in power banks are the ideal travel companions you will need to bring with you at your travel adventures!

Power Bank Organizers

Get organized with our power bank organizers that are supplied in various designs and colors that can be customized to include your UV printed logo in full color!

Power Bank Notebooks

Have everything you need to run a successful meeting with our power banks equipped with a spiral notebook, a metal pen, and several pocket designed to hold your smartphone, cards...


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