Create a REAL marketing impact in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and abroad in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Congo, and Eritrea with our customized promotional pens.


Tellurian Book Production, based in Dubai, offers marketers the choice between 15+ unique writing instruments to fit any promotional needs; for instance promotional plastic pens, to mass advertise their brand in the market, metal pens to complement their leather organizers, recycled pens and wooden pencils to enforce their GO GREEN policy, customized highlighters to decorate their customers desk with these colorful desk accessories, and finally premium and luxurious pens to surprise their VIP and executive clients!

What are you waiting for?

Contact Tellurian to order your customized pens, that are branded with your logo and personalized with your clients name to kick start your marketing campaign!

 NEW  Kaco Plastic Pens

Soft to the touch, designed with a gel pen for comfortable writing, with a rubbery frame, our Kaco pens are supplied in 10 eye grabbing colors that can branded with your company logo. 

 NEW  Maxima Italian Plastic Pens

Our  NEW  Maxima Italian plastic pen collection are high quality European writing instruments that are supplied in a wide range of to match any and  all brand colors in the UAE!

 NEW  Premec Chalk Swiss Plastic Pens

Designed with dual colors by combining their colorful plastic frame with a white plastic clip our Chalk Swiss plastic pens provide marketers the ability to create eye-grabbing giveaway gifts branded with their company name!

Promotional Chinese Plastic Pens

Colorful, eye catching and branded with your logo our promotional Chinese plastic pen collection is the ideal promotional gift items to promote your business in Dubai, and across the United Arab Emirates (UAE)!

 NEW  Recycled Cork Pens

Filled with blue ink, these  NEW  push button ball pen designed with a cork barrel along with wheat/straw and PP plastic are the latest addition to our recycled pen collection.

Recycled Paper Pens

Tellurian supplies a wide range of recycled paper pens made with recycled carton barrel and ABS points and clips that can be branded with your printed logo.

Recycled Bamboo Pens

Supplied in various colors and in attractive designs, our recycled bamboo pens are the recycled push button ball pens you are looking for!

 NEW  Wheat/Straw Recycled Pens

These  GREEN  recycled pens, supplied in orange, red, blue, green, and black, are produced from 50% wheat/straw and 50% PP material.

Recycled Wooden Pens

Produced from wooden bamboo and combined with a chrome metal clips, our wooden pens are elegant recycled gifts that can be given away at any and all occasions and events in the UAE. 

Wooden Pencils

Boost your social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with our natural wooden pencils printed with your custom hashtag.

Metal Pens

Stand out from your competition by engraving your logo on these customized metal pens, the ultimate premium gifts to surprise your VIP customers.

USB Pens

Available in 4 or 8 GB capacity, and in various designs, colors and shapes, our USB pens are the ultimate technology gifts and IT gifts on the market.

Promotional Highlighters

Over print your brand logo in full color on customized highlighters to create a fun and interactive and unique promotional gift to promote your business in the UAE!

Amabel Design Pens

Designed to include SWAROVSKI Elements attached on top, and laser engraved with your logo, our Amabel design pens are the ultimate luxury gifts to surprise VVIP clients in the Emirates!

Raphael Design Pens

Chrome plates and supplied in various premium design  our Raphael Design pens are luxurious gifts to add to a personalized pen gift box.

Dorniel Design Pens

Our Dorniel Design pens are the perfect executive or VIP gifts to distribute to CEO's at conferences, especially if they are personalized with their name.


Offering products are made in the United Arab Emirates!

We offer superior customer service.

We offer very competitive prices!

We deliver your order on-time!

We are the region's

#1 manufacturer!

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Tellurian is also the largest corporate gift item supplier in the UAE, supplying, promotional pens, USB flash drives, drinkware gifts, ceramic mugs, power banks, at competitive prices!


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Tellurian is looking for wholesalers, retailers to sell it's corporate diaries and notebooks in the Gulf and Middle East Regions, including in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and in Africa, in NigeriaGhana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Congo, Cameroon, Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Eritrea....

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