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Customized Promotional USB's Flash Drives

At Tellurian, we know how important high-quality promotional materials are for making an impact and getting your message out. We are the premier supplier of customized promotional USB flash drives, offering a vast range of options that can be personalized and imprinted with your logo, designed to your exact specifications and delivered within days! Make your next promotional campaign stand out with products from Tellurian.

Connect with Your Customers with Our Customized Promotional USB

The Tellurian gift company, is the leading custom promotional USB supplier for all your promotional needs. With a wide range of customizable USB's available in many materials, colors and styles, the Tellurian gift company has something to match any budget or individual style preference. Get creative and promote your business with a custom promotional USB from Tellurian

Customized Swivel USB Drives
Customized Wristband USB Drives
Customized Slide USB Drives

Swivel USB Drives

Our custom Swivel USBs are perfect for any promotional or corporate event, and make a great gift idea. With their stylish design and convenient swivel feature, our benefits-packed drives offer maximum storage capacity and an impressive way to promote your business.

Wristband USB Drives

Make sure your clients never forget your company's name by introducing them to our customized wristband USBs. Our wristbands provide a visually appealing, unique way to promote your brand, while also serving as a functional USB drive for storing data. Make sure your message is always at your customers' fingertips, with our stylish and practical promotional wristbands.

Slide USB Drives

Our branded slide USBs are the perfect way to promote your business in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, and in Tanzania. These stylish USBs feature a sleek plastic body frame and a unique PU leather strap which make them stand out from the crowd. Perfect for businesses looking to stand out from the competition, our slide USBs are just the thing to get your brand noticed.

Twister USB Drives
Customized Card Shaped USB
Mini Cord USB Drives

Twister USB Drives

Twist open your brand with a Twister USB flash drive! Our promotional flash drives are designed to help unlock the full potential of your company’s marketing efforts. Not only are these USB drives incredibly practical for storing documents, photos, and music, they’re also a great way to get your brand in front of your customers – with customizable branding on both sides of the drive. Get noticed with a Twister USB today

Card Shaped USB Drives

Our card shaped USB drives are a great way to promote your business and show off your logo. Get them in four, eight or sixteen gigabyte sizes and customize the flat surface with screen printing or full color UV printing. With our card shaped USB drives, you'll make a strong impression that lasts.

Mini Cord USB Drives

Our stylish mini cord USBs offer the perfect combination of modern design and cutting-edge technology. Supplied in a sleek black color with a brown PU leather strap, these mini cords are the ideal solution for customizing gift boxes and branded sets. With a range of designs and styles, you can find the perfect USB for any occasion.

Customized Rubber USB's
Customized Metal USB's
Customized Wooden Bamboo USB's

Capsule USB Drives

Make an impact and stand out among the competition with the innovative capsule USB. Our specialized services provide you with the ability to laser mark or screen print your logo onto our silicon USB's to craft the best advertising gift item to market and promote your brand. Show your customers how much you value them with our premium capsule USB.

Element USB Drives

Make an impact with your promotional gifts and invest in a premium element metal USB. Supplied in an eye-grabbing silver color, these metal USB's are the perfect technology gifts to help promote your brand. With their sleek elegance and advanced storage capabilities, these USB's are sure to stand out

Bamboo USB Drives

Our custom bamboo USB drives are an eco-friendly way to promote your business. Each drive is elegantly crafted and engraved with your logo – a unique, stylish corporate gift that will make your brand stand out. Show your customers and partners that you are committed to sustainability with our bamboo USB drives

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