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Recycled Gift Sets

​Surprise your clients in across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with high quality, presentable recycled gift sets or eco friendly gift boxes, that are designed to include recycled notepads, a metal pen, as well as colorful sticky notes​.

Recycled Gift Sets

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Delivered in 4 to 5 days!

Customized Recycled Gift Sets

Supplied in multiple attractive colors, and designed to include promotional recycled notepads, along with customized metal pens as well as neon color sticky notes, our recycled gift sets are just the perfect corporate gifts to surprise your customers. Customized to include your logo, these recycled gift boxes will make sure your brand name is remembered for months to come.

Recycled Gift Sets

Recycled Gift Boxes

Recycled Gift Sets Features

Sticky Notes

Recycled Notepads


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