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Recycled Bamboo Pens

Tellurian offers high-quality, customized wooden bamboo pens for eco-conscious customers that appreciate the beauty of personalized gifts made from recycled materials. Whether you're looking for something special to give as a gift or spruce up your desk, you'll find the perfect item at Tellurian.

Wooden Bamboo Pens

Ready Stock


Delivered in 4 to 5 days!

Unique and Eco-Friendly Customized Wooden Bamboo Pens from Tellurian

Our custom recycled wooden pens are the perfect way to show your customers that you care about the environment. These pens are made from natural wood and designed with a plastic clip, ensuring that they are built to last. With your company logo either engraved or printed on the side, these pens are sure to be a hit. Give your customers a gift that is both stylish and eco-friendly with our customized recycled wooden pens

Promotional Bamboo Pens

Customized Wooden Bamboo Pens

Recyced Bamboo Features

Bamboo Pen

Multiple Color Options

Screen Printed Logo

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