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Saddled Copybooks

The Tellurian Printing Company offers premium customized saddled or pinned copybooks of superior quality, perfect for any school subjects. With various formats available, including ruled, squared, and seyes, we provide a variety of options to meet any student's needs.


Bringing You Quality Saddled School Copybooks Since 2000

Tellurian printing company is proud to offer a wide range of school copybooks for students and teachers. Our copybooks come in sizes ranging from 60 to 200 pages and can be printed in 1 or 2 colors. In addition, our copybooks are supplied with a soft flexible cover and are printed in various sizes and formats.

These copybooks are perfect for any subject, including plain drawing pads for Art class, ruled notebooks for English class, squared exercise books for Math class, seyes copybooks for French class and more. With Tellurian printing company, you can find the perfect school copybook for your needs.

Customized Saddled Copybooks

60 to 200 Pages

70 gsm White Paper

Main Saddled Copybook Features

Printed in 1 or 2 Colours

Flexible Printed Cover

Saddled Copybook Sizes

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