GET YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGN INTO SHAPE, with a wide range of sport bottles, sport mugs and water bags, that are produced from high quality materials including PE or AS plastic, aluminium. These drinkware gifts can be customized to include your logo in full color and combined with other gifts such as lanyards, stress balls, silicone USB wristbands, color changing notebookscustomized plastic pens, promotional caps, polo shirts, hoodies, in one of our  sports string bags.

Squared Water Bottles

Keep your marketing thirst hydrated with our NEW squared leak proof, 600 ml water bottles that are designed with a stylish silicone border which facilitates single handed drinking.

Pop Sports Mugs

Double walled, and large enough to be filled with 275 ml of your favourite beverage, our Pop plastic mugs are designed to keep you coffee or tea hot for 2 hours, or your water cool for up to 4 hours.

Neva Bottles

Forget traditional plastic sports bottles, our Neva bottles produced form durable 304 stainless steel will not only help you quench your thirst, but also help you save our environment.

Bopp Sport Bottles

Our remarkable Bopp sport bottles are designed with hole in the center which provide users with extra gripping power while going for run around the park or in the gym.

Aqua Bottles

Stainless steel, waterproof, 650 ml, with a unique lid with drink reminder, are just a few features to describe our amazing Aqua bottles.

Bopp Mini Bottles

Compact with their 350 ml capacity, smooth with their matt body finish, sporty with their attached carabiner clip, our Bopp bottles will be the sport gears you will need to take with you on your next sports adventure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Gobi Sports Bottles

Sturdy, long lasting, with ample 500 ml capacity, our Gobi plastic sports bottles are designed with a twist-on lid and with a flip-top drink opening.

Cabo Water Bags

Squeeze your marketing budget with our Cabo PE plastic water bags, that can be supplied in blue, orange, white and red, the 4 colors you will need to to quench your marketing thirst!

Pacific Bottles

With a 770 ml capacity, our pacific aluminium bottles offer more than double the  capacity of the regular aluminium bottles in the UAE market. 

Flow Sports Bottles

Meet our NEW flow sport bottles, supplied in vibrant colors, red, white, blue, grey and green, these BPA-free aluminium sport bottles can be branded with your company name, and delivered to you in 4 to 5 days!

Sky Sports Bottles

Single walled, plastic bottles, with a twist-on lid, our sky sporty bottles  in blue, green, red, orange and white, are designed to match your brand colors.

Hydro Sports Bottles

It's a cup, it's a bottle, no, it's our NEW Hydro sports bottles, that are equipped with twist on-lid that double as a drinking cup. A truly unique gift that you cannot find anywhere else in the UAE!

Sublimation Bottles

With our 600 ml sublimation bottles, branded with your logo in full color, you can make sure your brand stands out!

Grip Bottles

Available in black and blue, our 750 ml sports bottles, are light weight, with matching silicon rings, designed to enhance one's grip, while drinking and exercising. 

Protein Shakers

Shake off those extra pounds with our protein shakers branded with your logo. Supplied with a shaker ball to mix the powder and flavor on the GO!


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We offer superior customer service.

We offer very competitive prices!

We deliver your order on-time!

We are the region's

#1 manufacturer!

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