Surprise your clients across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya... with customized sticky notes and post it notes that can branded with your logo that can be either UV printed or screen printed on the top cover. 


These customized desk accessories can be combined with other recycled gifts such as recycled A5 notebooks, cork notebooks, wooden pens, bamboo pens... to create a bigger promotional impact.

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Sticky Notes Spiral Notebooks

Produced from recycled kraft cardboard, with a Smiley face cut out, our  NEW  spiral notebooks with sticky notes are the latest addition to our customized sticky notes and post it notes collection.

Sticky Notepads

By combining ​a plain notepad, a recycled paper pen and several sticky notes, into an eco friendly notepad, we have created a unique desk accessory that can be branded with your logo.

Sticky Notebooks with Die Cut Pen

Measuring 4.5 x 17.5 cm, these recycled spiral ruled notebooks are designed with a sticky note page, along with die cut pages to fit an eco-friendly paper pen.

Sticky Notes Elastic Stationery Folders

Get organized with our elastic stationery folders filled with wooden pencils, a wooden sharpener, a paper pen and a wooden ruler, ruled notepad and neon color sticky notes and post it notes!

Sticky Elastic Notebooks

Our  NEW  sticky elastic notebooks are equipped with everything you need to scribble down notes on a moment's notice!

Sticky Notes Die Cut Folders

With a stylish die cut kraft cover, these funky sticky notes, branded with your logo in full color will surely catch the attention of your clients! 

Sticky Notes Cases

Boost your brand presence while at the same time saving the environment with our sticky notes cases that include the writing instruments and sticky notes you need to make your client day more productive!

Sticky Notes Houses

Shaped as a house our sticky notes houses are the ideal customised stationery gifts or branded desk accessories that construction or contracting companies can gift their clients in the Emirates!

Sticky Notes Elastic Notebooks

It's a elastic notebook, its a recycled paper pen, it's sticky notes folder, no  it's a sticky notes elastic notebook that is designed to include a die cutted paper pen, a plain notebook and various colorful sticky notes and post it notes.

Sticky Notes Bookmarks

Introducing our  NEW  sticky notes book marks that are designed to include a printed ruler on both sides, as well as neon color sticky notes and a yellow post it notes!

Sticky Notes Conference Folders

Use our sticky notes conference folders manufactured to include a notepad, and a paper pen to take down notes, post it notes to be reminded of important details and kraft paper pocket to store important documents and papers.

Customized Sticky Notes

Contact Tellurian Book Production in Dubai, to print your customized stick notes and post it notes, with your custom design and branded them with your logo on every page.

Foldable Recycled Pen Pots

Our foldable pen pots are multifunctional recycled desk accessories, doubling as a pen post and a post it notes and sticky notes holders.

Junior Recycled Cubes

Our recycled cubes, that are manufactured using recycled materials, that can include customized post-it notes, branded sticky notes, personalized pad notes and a pen holder.

Palo Recycled Cases

Promote your business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and in the UAE with our Palo recycled cases  that include a recycled paper pen, a plastic ruler and sticky notes in various sizes


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