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Custom Diaries & Notebooks

Tellurian book production offers a huge range of 2024 corporate diaries, agendas and notebooks in various sizes, formats (daily and weekly) that we customize and personalize and exports to various banks, insurance, oil, agricultural and mining companies in Khartoum, Juba, and across Sudan.

Customized Notebooks & Diaries Sudan

Export 2024 Corporate Diaries and 
Customized Notebooks to Sudan

Personalized to include your brand colors, as well as your logo on every page, as well as additional advertising pages to introduce your products and your services; 2024 corporate diaries, and agendas, as well as customized notebooks have become powerful marketing tools to promote one's business in any and all industries whether, they are a bank, an insurance firm, an oil and petroleum company, a gas distributor, a mining conglomerate, a health care provider or a construction company, that is located in Khartoum, Juba, or anywhere across Sudan and South Sudan.

What are you waiting for? Be sure to contact Tellurian Book Production to order, customize export your daily and weekly diaries and notebooks to Port Sudan.

2024 Daily Diaries

2024 Weekly Diaries


320 Pages

70 gsm Cream Paper

144 Pages

90 gsm Cream Paper

Customized Notebooks


192 Pages

70 gsm Cream or White Paper


Customization Corner

Showcase your brand's true colors, by choosing an eye catching cover design with a wide variety of color combinations; customizing it by stamping your corporate logo, by adding advertising inserts sheets to showcase your products and services...

Customization Options

Make your diary memorable 365 days a year, while maintaining your brand identity. Customize it, by adding advertising inserts, your logo and watermark on every page and much more...

Cover Designs

Always judge a diary by its cover! 

Pick from several stunning cover designs to make a great first impression to captivate your client’s eye and entice him to use your 2024 branded diary.

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