Call us on +971 4 347 6686 or email us at to power up ⚡ you business's marketing plan with our customized technology and IT corporate gift items such as, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, USB flash drives, universal travel adapters, car chargers and power bank organizers...


Branded with your logo and placed in a gift box with other giveaway merchandises, our customized technology and IT gifts will surely make a favorable impression on your clients. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

LED Time Display Alarm Clocks

Produced from MDF, our LED time display alarm clocks are designed to include a temperature display with wireless phone charging functionality which makes them ideal desk accessory gifts.

Digital Desk Clocks

Decorate your client's desk with our customized digital desk clocks, branded with your logo. These technology gifts are supplied in various designs to suit any taste.

Weather Stations with Pen Holders

Displaying the time, the current date, and the weather temperature, our weather stations with pen holders are the branded technology gifts you will need to giveaway to your clients in UAE with customized plastic click pens, or metal engraved pens.

Customized Wireless Mouses

Make sure your brand every day of the work week with our customized wireless mouses and sublimation printed mouse pads, both branded with your design and logo.

Electronic Mouse Pads

Our electronic mouse are IT gifts that are manufactured with built in 8,000 mAh power bank, USB charging ports, Bluetooth and wireless charging capabilities. 

Recycled IT and Technology Gifts

Covered with a bamboo or wooden texture, Tellurian in Dubai, UAE offers a wide range of recycled technology and IT gifts including bamboo power banks, bamboo USB's, Wooden USB's, that can be branded with your logo.

Power Banks

Power up your marketing campaign with our customized powerbanks branded with your brand's corporate logo.

Bluetooth Speakers

Tellurian, is the largest wholesaler of personalized bluetooth speakers, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offering a large range of bluetooth speakers in many designs, shapes and sizes. Contact us to learn more.

Customized USB's

USB flash drive printing is Tellurian' forte! We supply many customized USB's to the market including, wooden USB's, plastic USB's, metal USB's, rubber USB's, USB cards, and USB pens... that can be branded with your logo.

USB LED Lights

Supplied in various colors and designs, our USB LED lights are the perfect tech gifts to giveaway to your clients along with with electronic mouse pads and wireless mouses.

USB Fans

Keep your clients cool this Summer in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya... with our fan powered USB sticks.

Customized Earphones

UV print your company name or brand logo on our customized wired earphones that are supplied in an elegant plastic white box.

Wireless Earphones

Don't let your marketing efforts be intertwined with other competitors. Go wireless with our customized wireless earphones, branded with your logo!

Laser USB Pen

Designed to include a ball pen, a USB drive and a laser pointer, our laser USB pens are the technological gifts you will need to promote your IT business in UAE!

Promotional Octo Cables

Charge up your phone on the go with our promotional white or black Octo cables that are designed to charge iPhones, Samsung & 99% of all Micro USB mobile devices!

Travel Adapters

Your customer will never leave home without your very own branded travel adapters, personalized with your logo.

Customized Car Chargers

Charge up you smartphone (IPhone, Samsung, Blackberry...) with our customized car chargers or wireless car chargers that can be light up in various colors.

Wireless Chargers

Give your client's smartphone a bit of a power boost with our customized wireless chargers branded with your logo, while at the same time promoting your business! 

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

Giveaway a padded Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, branded with your company logo, to give your clients a 360 degree viewing experience! 

Power Scales

Our Power Scales are designed with a built-in LED flashlight, a digital luggage scale and with a 2,600 mAh power bank; the three most important technology tools you will need to use in an emergency situation.

Power Bank Organizers

Is your phone out of battery? No more! Our power bank leather organizers come equipped with a built-in power bank to juice up your phone on the go.


Offering products are made in the United Arab Emirates!

We offer superior customer service.

We offer very competitive prices!

We deliver your order on-time!

We are the region's

#1 manufacturer!

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