Marketing on the go? Our branded travel tumblers are the perfect drink ware gifts to give away to your clients on any and all occasion, while at the same time using it to promote your brand.


At Tellurian Book Production, we offer the largest range of branded travel tumblers, travel mugs, and travel bottles, in the United Arab Emirates, that are supplied using plastic, aluminium or glass materials! To find out more, please contact our AMAZING customer service team.

Coffel Travel Mugs

Our spill proof, Coffel travel mugs are the mugs you need to take your delicious 160 ml Espressos and Cappuccinos on the road.

Bevage Travel Mugs

Our  double walled Bevage travel mugs are small enough (8 cm) to fit in your home or office coffee machines, and are ready to be filled with your favorite 160 ml Espressos and Cappuccinos. 

Dia Travel Tumblers

Dia is a double wall tumbler that is manufactured with stainless steel inside and out, and are designed with a sliding lid that is ideal for both hot and cold drinks.


Produced from Biodegradable and environment friendly PLA, and combined with a cork sleeve, our Eco mugs are truly unique recycled travel mugs, that can be customized to include your logo.

Gouda Mugs

Our Gouda mugs are stylish and unique vacuum insulated cork coffee mugs that are small enough to be inserted into your coffee making machine; double walled, they are ready to be filled with 180 ml of delicious hot cup of coffee!

Clik Handle Mugs

Our Clik handle mugs use a smart 360 degrees drinking lid that can be opened and closed with a simple push. Branded with your logo, these 225 ml metal travel mugs are the leak proof drinkware gifts that will make your business stand out!

Urban Travel Mugs

Our Urban travel mugs are perfect for tea or coffee lovers in the UAE, their stainless steel interior and exterior makes them sturdy and thick enough to keep your favorite hot beverage hot for up to 3 hours.

Honeycomb Fruit Infusers

Keep up with your new year resolution, and stay fit and healthy with our BPA free Honeycomb fruit infusers that are designed with tube that can be filled with detoxing fruits and vegetables. 

Dia Travel Mugs

Closable, insulated, and compact enough to slide into your  customers Espresso machine, our Dia travel mugs can be branded to include you UV printed logo printed on the stainless steel sides.

Transparent Water Bottles

Our transparent bottles are designed with a stainless steel base and cap, with a transparent black, transparent blue or clear transparent body.

Sublimation Bottles

Customized to include your logo, our 500 ml promotional sublimation bottles are the drinkware gifts to distribute at your next event in the UAE!

Promotional Sports Bottles

Screen print your design and your logo on these  NEW  promotional sports bottles that are supplied in a wide range of colors including, white, black, blue, red, and green...

Plastic Travel Mugs

Personalize these cool and unique plastic travel mugs by inserting your very own design inserts to showcase your brand's true colors!

Metal Travel Mugs

Designed with double wall that keeps your coffee or tea hot for hours along with a clear plastic lid that prevents your drink from spilling, these metal travel mugs are clearly the best branded travel tumblers in the UAE!

A5 Notebook Shaped Bottles

Sized 21.5 x 13 cm, as  large as an A5 notebook, these A5 Memo Bottles are truly unique drinkware gifts that can be branded with your logo to surprise your clients in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bharain Kuwait, Oman, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya...

 NEW!  Geometric Glass Bottles

Tellurian is the introducing the UAE's first ever promotional glass bottles, that are ideal for 600 ml cold beverages and perfect to screen print your logo!

Clarity Drop Tumblers

Our 400 ml clarity tumblers, are manufactured with a double wall stainless steel frame and with a push-on lid that slides open, and supplied in 4 colors, black, red, blue and green.

Gallup Insulating Flasks

Our 500 ml Gallup steel insulating flasks, are also equipped with a double layer of stainless steal, that is designed to keep your coffee and tea hot, or your cold beverage cool for several hours.


Double wall, in stainless steal, our flasks with matt finish  are designed to maintain the temperature of your 500 ml drinks. 

Never Fall Mugs

Our never fall mugs or mighty mugs will make sure you NEVER SPILL YOUR COFFEE OR TEA AGAIN! These latest addition to our growing drinkware gifts have proven to be very popular in the UAE!

Sublimation Mugs

Our sublimation mugs, available in stainless steal, white and silver are the gift items to giveaway to your clients to make sure he remembers you every time he takes a sip!

Diamond Tumblers

Unique in their look, eye grabbing to the eyes, our diamond tumblers, are the 330 ml double-walled tumblers you will need to promote your brand.

Geometric Vacuum Travel Tumblers

With a twist-on thumb slide lid, that is easy to use, our geometric shaped, vacuum travel tumblers, are great office giveaways to thank your employees for their hard work.

Torino Tumblers

With a stainless steel, with plastic liner, that is supplied in various attractive colors including black, blue, green and grey, our Torino tumblers are the complimentary gifts you will need in 2019!

Fruits Infusers

Infuse your branding onto our brand  NEW  fruits infusers by customizing them with your logo screen printed in full colors!


Our Iqon  vacuum metal flasks, in 450 ml, in matt finish are elegant corporate gifts to promote your business in the UAE! 


Functional, our Contra 475 ml promotional bottles are small enough to fit in most cup holders and large enough to include your logo!

Curve Travel Tumblers

Our curve travel tumblers are unique corporate gifts that allows 360 degrees drinkability and 360 degrees branding capabilities!

Pasadena Insulating Travel Mugs

Simple, double walled, stainless steel exterior and plastic interior our Pasadena insulating travel mugs have a 500 ml capacity, ample enough to quench any branding thirst!

Oregon Aluminium Drinking Bottles

Supplied in various brand matching colors, grey, silver, white, red, blue, pistachio, pink, our aluminium drinking bottles are the gifts you will need on your next travel adventure.

Wave Insulating Tumblers

With a sporty look and feel, and ergonomic design for easy comfortable grip, our white and blue insulating polypropylene tumblers, are the gift to giveaway to athletes in the UAE. 

Veranda Tumblers

Our Veranda tumblers, are the UAE's ultimate customized tumblers, thanks to their ergonomic design with silicone sleeve, double-wall stainless steel frame, as well as their 360 degrees drinkability.

Flow Foam Insulated Tumblers

Our leak proof flow foam insulated tumblers, supplied in Dubai, UAE in green, blue and black, are guaranteed to help you take your marketing campaign to the next level.


Offering products are made in the United Arab Emirates!

We offer superior customer service.

We offer very competitive prices!

We deliver your order on-time!

We are the region's

#1 manufacturer!

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