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Drawing & Sketch Pads

Create beautiful artwork with Tellurian Printing Printing Press! Our drawing and sketch pads come with vibrant colors and high-quality, wood-free white paper – perfect for all levels of budding artists and professionals. Unleash the power of your imagination with Tellurian Printing

Image by Lavi Perchik

Printing high quality drawing & sketch pads

Our drawing and sketch pads are perfect for those looking to express their creativity. Designed to include multiple thick white pages to draw on, these custom printed drawing pads can be personalized to include a soft and flexible cover, that is printed with your own custom graphic or logo. Each pad also includes a stiff backing making it easier to write or draw on a flat surface. The pages are perforated for easy tear-out and present your artwork in a professional manner. Invest in a custom drawing and sketch pad today and show off your creative side

Customized Drawing Pads

60 to 200 Pages

80 gsm White Paper

Main Drawing Pad Features

Plain Format

Flexible Printed Cover

Drawing Pad Sizes

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