Design & print your own customized soft cover notebooks

Our PU leather flexible or soft notebooks are perfect for branding and promotion. These customized notebooks come in an array of colors and sizes, providing plenty of options for customization. We can print your logo or message on the front cover to ensure it stands out. Additionally, you can complement these customized flexible notebooks with optional add-ons, such as an elastic strap, a elastic pen holder, an expendable paper pocket, or a stitched cover to give your giveaway gift more value. All of our soft cover notebooks are made with quality materials for a look and feel that will last for years.

  • PU Leather, PVC/Rexine or Printed Cover

    Created from luxurious PU leather or PVC rexine, these soft cover notebooks are designed with your brand in mind. Perfect as promotional gift items, our notebooks stand out!

  • Straight or Round Edges

    These personalized soft cover notebooks come die cuted to suit any style you are looking for - both traditional straight edges or more modern round cover edges; that will allow you to show off your brand in a way that is truly unique.

  • 200+ Colors & Textures

    Our collection boasts over 200 PU leather and PVC textures and colors, allowing you to design and create the perfect soft cover notebook that perfectly reflects your brand.

  • 12+ Elastic Pen Loop Colors (Optional)

    Our soft cover notebooks give you a chance to proudly showcase your brand. We offer custom printing and the ability to retrofit your notebooks with an elastic closure or a pen loop to make them even more unique. With our attention to detail, your notebooks will look professional and stylish.

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  • Plain, Ruled, Dotted, Square, or Undated Format

    Our soft cover notebooks are printed with your brand and come in five unique inner page formats to ensure that you get exactly the style you need. Choose between plain, ruled, dotted, squared, or undated for a notebook that is made just for you

  • 192 Pages

    Our custom soft cover notebooks are the perfect way to add a unique flair to your business or brand. With limitless creative options and 192 pages of premium white or ivory paper, we give you the freedom to make your notebook as distinct as your organization.

  • Printed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Colors

    Our custom printed soft cover notebooks are offset printed in one or full color to precisely match your specifications! Let us help you create an amazing notebook that truly expresses your style.

  • 70 GSM Paper

    Treat yourself to our soft cover notebooks, lovingly printed with your brand and crafted with rich, luxurious paper. Our notebooks are designed to ensure you have a writing experience like no other, using 70 gsm FSC certified paper for the highest quality and guaranteeing durability. Get your perfect notebook today.

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Optional Personalization

Introducing the perfect way to express your creativity! Our customized notebooks offer a unique way to take your organization to the next level. Unleash your inspiration and stand out from the crowd with personalized data pages, 3 year calendars, and even the ability to add your own logo on every page. Let our custom designed notebooks help you create a truly unique notebook.

Notebook with Personal Data Page

Personal Data Page

The Tellurian customized soft cover notebook offers maximum convenience and personalization. With its data page, users can store important information like names, phone numbers, emails and addresses in one place for easy access. Make the most of your notebook with Tellurian.

Custom Journal Printing

3 Year Calendar

Featuring a 3 year calendar design, users can track their upcoming events and tasks easily and plan for the future with confidence. And with its perfect design to fit into notebooks, you'll never have to worry about forgetting an important date again.

Notebook with Logo on Every Page

Logo Overprinting

If you're looking for a memorable way to promote your business, then a customized notebook is the perfect solution. Our logo overprinting services give you the ability to create notebooks that feature your logo on every page, helping you make a bold, lasting impression.

Soft Cover Notebook Sizes

Our notebooks are supplied in 5 distinct sizes: 

  • Compact (13 cm x 21 cm)
  • A5 (15 cm x 21 cm)
  • Mini Executive (17 cm x 24 cm)
  • Executive (21 cm x 26 cm)
  • A4 (21 cm x 30 cm)

Customization Options

Make your notebook memorable 365 days a year, while maintaining your brand identity. Customize it, by adding advertising inserts, your logo and watermark on every page and much more...

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Notebook Cover Designs

Always judge a notebook by its cover! 

Pick from several stunning cover designs to make a great first impression to captivate your client’s eye and entice him to use your customized notebook.

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