Custom-printed notebooks to promote your business

Custom-printed notebooks are a great way to promote your business. Not only can they be used as a practical tool, but they also provide a great way to showcase your business’s brand. Our custom-printed notebooks are available in various sizes and colors to fit your needs. They’re printed with your company logo and slogan, ensuring that your business will be remembered long after the notebook is used. We’ll work with you to create a unique design that will make your notebooks stand out from the rest. Get in touch today to learn more about our custom-printed notebooks and how they can help promote your business.

  • PU Leather, PVC/Rexine or Printed Cover

    Our custom promotional notebooks are beautifully crafted with high quality PU leather, PVC or printed laminated covers with your custom design, ensuring you get the best in quality and durability, making it the perfect reminder of your company.

  • Straight or Round Edges

    With the ability to choose between straight or round edges, you can truly customize your notebook to better match your style and needs

  • 200+ Colors & Textures

    With our vast selection of over 200 PU leather and PVC colors and textures, you will be sure to find the perfect elastic notebook that complements and aligns with your brand's color scheme.

  • 12+ Elastic Pen Loop Colors (Optional)

    At Tellurian, we offer you the unique chance to design your own custom notebooks for whatever purpose you desire. With our range of 12 color options for the pen loop, you can mix and match the cover and closure colors to create the perfect notebook that matches your brand style.

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  • Plain, Ruled, Dotted, Square, or Undated Format

    We offer five different inner page formats, so you can choose from plain, ruled, dotted, squared, or undated, giving you the flexibility to pick exactly the style that fits your specific requirements.

  • 192 Pages

    At Tellurian, we specialize in creating beautiful, custom notebooks to match your unique brand identity. Our notebooks come with 192 pages of white or ivory paper which can be personalized with your logos or artwork, allowing you to create a truly unique and memorable product.

  • Printed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Colors

    Whether you're looking for a simple notebook printed with one color, or an exquisitely vibrant notebook printed with four colors, we have the capability and expertise to deliver the perfect notebook for your needs.

  • 70 GSM Paper

    Our top quality paper options include FSC certified, 70 gsm cream or white paper notebooks, giving you the perfect canvas to showcase your unique designs.

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Optional Personalization

Tellurian provides high-quality custom notebook printing services to give you the perfect personalized notebook to express your creativity. With our custom notebooks, you can add personal touches such as a personal data page, a 3-year calendar, and even your own logo overprinted on every page, to make sure your notebooks stands out.

Notebook with Personal Data Page

Personal Data Page

Our notebooks can be fully customized to include a data page that allows users to store important information, such as names, phone numbers, emails and addresses, in one convenient space.

Custom Journal Printing

3 Year Calendar

Our notebooks are designed to be both practical and stylish, featuring a 3 year calendar page to help you stay organized in the present and plan for the future; providing you the perfect way to track upcoming events and tasks and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Notebook with Logo on Every Page

Logo Overprinting

Make your business stand out with custom notebook printing. Our cutting-edge technologies give you the best in logo overprinting, so you can turn any notebook into a promotional asset. Get noticed today with personalized notebooks featuring your logo on every page.

Classic Notebook Sizes

Our notebooks are supplied in 5 distinct sizes: 

  • Compact (13 cm x 21 cm)
  • A5 (15 cm x 21 cm)
  • Mini Executive (17 cm x 24 cm)
  • Executive (21 cm x 26 cm)
  • A4 (21 cm x 30 cm)

Customization Options

Make your notebook memorable 365 days a year, while maintaining your brand identity. Customize it, by adding advertising inserts, your logo and watermark on every page and much more...

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Notebook Cover Designs

Always judge a notebook by its cover! 

Pick from several stunning cover designs to make a great first impression to captivate your client’s eye and entice him to use your customized notebook.

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