Put your message in the spotlight with our stapled notepads - a sure way to promote your brand!

Our stapled notepads will put your message in the spotlight and keep your brand top of mind. With our custom printing services, we can help you create the perfect notepad to promote your brand. Our stapled notepads are printed on high-quality paper and come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your branding needs. Whether you need a small or large notepad, our team of experienced printers will help you create a truly unique product that will help you stand out from the competition. With our stapled notepads, you can be sure that your brand will be seen and remembered.

  • Printed Paper Covers

    Our service provides top-notch prints and notepads that are custom-made to your exact specifications. Plus, each notepad comes with a soft paper cover that can be printed with your logo, making them ideal marketing collaterals for businesses.

  • Straight or Round Edges

    We specialize in notepad printing, offering a variety of materials to choose from and allowing you to choose between straight or round die cut edges, so you can achieve the perfect look and feel for your notepads.

  • 100+ Colors & Textures

    With a wide array of paper covers and textures to choose from, you can create a unique notepad that perfectly complements your brand’s personality.

  • Staple Binding

    Our notepads are the perfect choice for taking notes, ideas, and more. They feature a card stock cover and interior pages that are securely stapled together with metal staples making it easy to tear off pages as needed.

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  • Plain, Ruled, Dotted, Square, or Undated Format

    We provide innovative solutions for all of your custom printing needs. Our specialized notepads feature five different inner page formats - plain, ruled, dotted, squared, or undated - allowing you to select the format that best meets your requirements.

  • 100 Pages

    Our stapled notepads come supplied with 100 pages of white or ivory paper and feature an unlimited range of creative possibilities so you can capture the uniqueness of your brand.

  • Printed in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Colors

    Our notepads can be printed in single or multiple colors to make it easy for you to customize and personalize your design. Let us help you bring your brand colors to life!

  • 90 GSM Paper

    The stapled notepads' interior pages are made with premium quality 90 gsm paper to last for a long time and our binding is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for environmental sustainability and best standards of excellence.

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