Children's Books that Bring Stories & Tales to Life

We believe in the power of storytelling and the magic of childhood. Our book printing company is committed to bringing your child's imagination to life. We print custom children's books with colorful illustrations, charming characters, and captivating stories that will inspire creativity and promote a lifelong love of reading. Tailored to your child's interests and imagination, children books are perfect for bedtime reading, playtime, and cherished family memories. From adventurous tales to fairy tales and everything in between, we can help you design and publish the perfect book for your child.

  • Printed Paper Covers

    Your children's book deserves a cover that showcases its personality and uniqueness. That's why our book printing service at Tellurian Book Production is perfect for authors like you! From concept to design, we'll work closely with you to create a customized cover that will stand out in any bookstore or online retailer.

  • Paper Back or Hard Covers

    Get ready to dive into the world of children's literature with our selection of expertly printed paperbacks and hardcovers. Our printing press is state-of-the-art and produces books that are beautifully bound and durable, giving children and kids a long-lasting reading experience. Whether it’s for a bedtime story or to foster a love of reading, our books are perfect for children of all ages.

  • Perfect Binding or Hard Case Binding

    When it comes to printing kids and children's books, choosing the right binding is key. That's why we offer two options: perfect binding or hard case binding. Perfect binding uses a flexible adhesive that allows the book to lay flat, while hard case binding provides the ultimate in protection and durability.

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  • 24 to 48+ Pages

    Children books are more than just stories - they're adventures waiting to be explored! With mesmerizing illustrations and captivating plots spanning 24 to 48+ pages, your books can be designed to spark your child's imagination and keep them engaged from cover to cover. Give the little ones an incredible adventure they'll never forget!

  • Printed in Full Color

    Children's books are a wonderland of imagination and excitement. These customized books are printed in full color on every page, bringing the stories and illustrations to life in new and exciting ways. From silly tales to adventurous quests, our books are sure to delight young readers and inspire a love of reading. With every page turned, children can explore new worlds and let their imaginations soar.

  • 80 to 200 GSM Paper

    Our children and toddler books are perfect for kids of all ages, and are particularly special; printed on thick card paper stocks, between 80 to 200 GSM paper, each page withstands the frequent handling and curiosity of little ones. We are committed to providing high-quality and durable books for your child's reading enjoyment.

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