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School Exercise Books

Tellurian Book Production is the leading printing company in Dubai, UAE, that is offering custom printed back to school exercise books, branded with your school logo, at competitive prices!


Printing high quality school exercise books

Our custom printed school exercise books are definitely the back to school stationery items you are looking for! Supplied in a wide range of sizes, with differing number of pages, printed in 1 or 2 colours in various formats, on high quality 70 gsm wood free white paper, and covered with a soft glossy or matt paper cover, our back to school exercise books can be customized to include your school logo on the cover.

Customized Exercise Books

60 to 200 Pages

70 gsm White Paper

Main Exercise Books Features

Printed in 1 or 2 Colours

Ruled Format

Flexible Printed Cover

Exercise Book Sizes

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