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Our Services

We provide comprehensive printing services including commercial printing, book printing, book binding, custom diary printing, and custom notebook printing. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to providing quality printing and binding services at competitive prices. Our experienced staff are dedicated to ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards.

The UAE favorite printing partner!

Tellurian Book Production caters to corporate companies, printing presses, publishing houses, restaurants and hotels located in the United Arab Emirates or across the Gulf, Middle East and Africa region to deliver a wide range of services including:

Digital Printing Services

Tellurian offers a wide range of digital printing solutions for marketers that are looking to print their business cards, promotional flyers, letterheads, in fast, cost effective manner. Contact us to find out more

Offset Printing Services

Tellurian Book Production is a state of the art 30,000 sq feet printing press and book binding facility in Dubai, UAE, that is able to print your commercial works in a superb quality finishing.

Book Printing & Book Binding Services

With decades of experience in the book printing and book binding industry, many authors, publishers and printing presses have turned to Tellurian Book Production to print and bind their books with us. 

Custom Diary Printing

Use our custom printed 2024 diaries to showcase your brand's true colors. So why settle for less? Be sure to drop us an email and let us print your custom diary design and WOO you clients.

Custom Notebook Printing

Custom printed notebooks have become the bespoke marketing tools for clients who are looking to have more flexibility, in the design,  and in the customization of their giveaway gift items in order to better reflect their brand.

Custom Calendar Printing

Custom printed calendars are more traditional giveaway gift items that have proven to be very effective in helping your clients remember your business every day of the year, especially of they are custom printed and branded with your logo.

Packaging Services

Whether you are looking for manufacture paper cups, plastic cups, ice cream cups, fries cups, sandwich bags, plastic bags, food boxes and pizza boxes, to open your restaurant or fast food outlet, Tellurian is the go-to company to contact.

Leather Crafting

Did you know that Tellurian in Dubai employs a very skilled team of artisans that are able to handcraft and create amazing leather goods, including menus, bill holders, leather coasters, mouse pads as well as certificate holders!

VIP Box Making

The Tellurian team is specialized in creating custom wooden boxes, tat can be customized to fit several items including organizers, diaries, notebooks, USB's, pens or a combination of the above to surprise your VIP clients.

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