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Image by Ben Kolde

Recycled Drinkware Gifts

Experience the eco-friendly lifestyle with our branded Recycled Drinkware! Our sustainable and reusable drinkware is perfect for on-the-go hydration while still being stylish and comfortable. Reuse and recycle responsibly with our Recycled Drinkware range

Go Green with our Recycled Drinkware 

Promote your business, while at the same time, helping to save the environment with a wide array of recycled drinkware gifts items, that includes, bamboo bottles, glass bottles, cork cups, or bamboo fiber cups that can be personalized to include your corporate logo.

Recycled Bamboo Fiber Cups
Recycled Bamboo Bottes
Recycled Cork Mugs

Bamboo Fiber Cups

Our bamboo fiber cups are the perfect choice for companies looking for an eco-friendly solution to their promotional needs. Not only are the cups produced from sustainable bamboo fibers, but they are also reinforced with stylish, colorful silicone grips to ensure long-lasting use. Plus, you can even customize your cups to showcase your logo using screen printing

Megara Bamboo Bottes

Our Megara bamboo bottles are unlike anything you have seen before. Combining the best of both glass and bamboo wood, these stylish bottles are aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough to withstand frequent use. Perfect for any occasion, these recycled drinkware gifts will bring a touch of class to any setting.

Eco Pla Cork Cups

Introducing the Eco mugs! Our stylish and unique recycled cork cups are produced from biodegradable and environment-friendly PLA, combined with a cork sleeve that can be customized to include your logo. They are the perfect choice for eco-conscious customers who care about the environment.

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