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Spiral Copybooks

Contact Tellurian Book Production in Dubai, UAE to order your customized spiral copybooks, that can be printed in many sizes, personalized to include your school colours, and branded with your school logo on the cover.

Printing high quality spiral copybooks

In recent years, spiral copybooks have been growing in popularity, and have been increasingly being used by school and university students to write down notes during classes. The students particularly like the copybooks spiral binding, which makes them convenient and easy to use. Printed in various sizes (from compact to A4), the spiral copybooks can be small enough to fit in a school backpack or large enough to that fit in any college backpack.


Custom printed, these back to school stationery items, can be personalized to match your school colours and branded to include your school logo on the cover.

Customized Spiral Copybooks

60 to 200 Pages

70 gsm White Paper

Main Spiral Copybooks Features

Printed in 1 or 2 Colours

Ruled Format

Spiral Hard Cover

Spiral Copybook Sizes

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