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Plastic Puzzles

Plastic Puzzles


Plastic puzzles are the perfect promotional merchandise, combining fun and practicality in one. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, these puzzles feature tiny square-shaped pieces that can be moved around, providing hours of entertainment.

Ideal for customized gifts, these puzzles offer the option of printing colorful graphics, including logos, symbols, and vibrant insignias. Whether used as promotional giveaways or personalized presents for kids, these puzzles are sure to leave a lasting impression.

With UV printing available, you can add your unique touch to these puzzles, making them stand out even more. They're not just toys; they're branding opportunities. Businesses can utilize these puzzles as marketing tools, showcasing their creativity and leaving a memorable mark on customers.

Whether you're looking to promote your brand or delight children with a fun gift, these plastic puzzles are the way to go. Add your logo or customize them with pictures for a personal touch that will make your gift truly special.

Game Puzzle Features:

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Square Shaped
  •  Tiny square-shaped puzzle pieces that can be moved around
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    • Branded with Logo!
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    Can I personalize gift items with our company logo or message?

    Yes, our corporate gifts can be customized with your company's logo, slogan, or a personalized message. This personalization adds a unique touch and reinforces your brand identity.

    What branding options are available?

    Our range of branding techniques offers versatility in customizing your selected gift items. Whether it's the vibrant clarity of screen and UV printing, the sophisticated touch of debossing and foiling in gold or silver, the dimensional allure of dome printing, the precise elegance of laser engraving, or the lasting vibrancy of sublimation and heat transfer on various materials—each method adds a unique, personalized flair. Tailored to specific surfaces and designs, these techniques ensure your gifts make a striking and lasting impression, reflecting the distinctiveness of your brand.

    How long does delivery take?

    The delivery time for corporate gifts varies based on factors like the product type, customization requirements. Typically, ready stock gift items can be ready withing days. However, for custom-made merchandise gifts, that can increase to weeks. For precise delivery estimates, feel free to contact our team, and we'll provide you with tailored information to meet your specific requirements promptly.

    Can I request rush orders or expedited delivery?

    Need your gifts in a hurry? Rush orders might be possible! Get in touch with our dedicated team at to explore expedited options and ensure your items are promptly ready to meet your urgent needs.

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